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  • Basic knowledge of relays

    I introduce the basic knowledge of relays that I will start from the beginning.

  • MOS FET relay

    Feature of MOS FET relay and introduces lineup.

  • DC power relay

    We introduce new product, basic structure, run-up of DC power relay which can cut high capacity.


  • Omron's Switch Basic Course

    I introduce the basic knowledge of the switch which starts from the beginning.

  • Switch ON !!

    We will close on the secret of Omron's switch born from customer's needs.


  • FPC connector features

    MIL connector features, lineup, application are introduced.

Micro sensing device

  • Photomicrosensor Selection

    You can easily select from a variety of variations to suit your application!

  • Limited reflective sensor

    Reflective sensor that detects object presence within a limited range with high accuracy.

MEMS sensor

  • Omron's MEMS

    We introduce Omron's MEMS products, technologies and application examples.

  • Flow sensor

    You can search MEMS flow sensors from various specifications.

  • Environmental sensor

    Wireless sensor compatible with Bluetooth beacon communication that can acquire seven types of environmental information such as temperature, humidity, light, and sound.

  • Thermopile type human sensor

    Comfortable environment control that can not be realized with pyroelectric sensors is possible.

Image sensing

  • PlusSensing


  • PlusSensing


  • PlusSensing


  • PlusSensing


Key Technology / Application Guide

  • Key technology

    We introduce key technologies that support OMRON's manufacturing.

  • Application Guide

    We introduce examples of applications that utilize OMRON's products and technologies.